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San Francisco, California


Jackie Hui

Hotel Lighting Designer Collaborates With Boca to Create a Masterpiece in California

Long before Boca’s lighting and control products were specified for the new Luma Hotel in San Francisco, the Boca team was developing a relationship that would ultimately result in a product featured in the hotel. Peter Park, president of Boca, describes how a long association with Jackie Hui, Director of Lighting Design for Stanford Hotels, has benefited them both. Park said, “We’ve collaborated on retrofits, new products, and design ideas. Jackie has a unique perspective because he considers both the design and the operation of the lighting fixtures and control products.”

According to Hui, “I’ve worked with many manufacturers that try to convince me to use standard products rather than listen to my parameters and requirements. But I can sit with the Boca team, sketch an idea on a napkin, and visualize the desired effect together. The team listens closely and always asks, What do you need?” Hui emphasizes that “the dedication and willingness of the Boca team is the most important experience for me.”

Custom Lighting Fixtures and Components

Hui also tells a story about a project that included “miles of cove lighting.” The contractor installing the cove lighting fixtures was struggling to align them accurately. Hui reached out to the Boca team, and they developed a custom articulating mounting angle with degree markings which solved the problem. Hui continues to use that adaptation today.

Years later, the relationship between Hui and the Boca team was essential to the lighting and control design of the Luma Hotel, which has been described as modern and innovative, forward-thinking, and the “precedent for the next wave of the San Francisco hospitality scene.

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