Retail store lighting applications for remarkable shopping experiences

Retail lighting is an essential component of any merchandising strategy. Good lighting allows your customers to see. Great lighting application impacts all aspects of the retail experience, from the overall feel about your business and the atmosphere of your store to the customer’s mood and how they shop to brand perception and identity. Well-designed retail lighting will also make your store safe and easy to maneuver, as well as allow focus on particular featured products and displays.

Exterior lighting also plays a vital role in retail facilities. Well-lit retail exteriors create an expectation about what’s inside, bringing customers in and keeping them engaged with your product by promoting exploration. Exterior lighting also provides security and safety by deterring crime and improving visibility in areas of ingress and egress, ultimately protecting clients and employees from accidents and injury.

Blend ambient, accent, task and decorative lighting to create the right atmosphere

Retail lighting application includes any light you use to make your space visible and highlight products or areas of your store. The use of multiple light sources and types in your store creates contrast around your products and uses light to point your customers’ eyes where you want them to focus. Well done retail lighting application is achieved by layering four different lighting types: ambient, accent, task, and decorative.

Ambient lighting refers to the facility’s primary lighting and creates the overall atmosphere in your store.

Accent lighting highlights or draws attention to specific products or areas, indicating importance. Accent lighting helps guide customers to featured merchandising by increasing their visibility or accentuating them and is an excellent tool for window displays. Types of accent lighting include a lit shelving wall to pack a punch, back-lit mirrors, and inner-cabinet lighting.

Task lighting applications are inherently practical, illuminating areas of the store that demand more light – sales check-out and customer service areas, changing rooms, signage, and entrances.

Decorative lighting is all about visual appeal and much less focused on illumination. Decorative lighting would include wall washing and grazing fixtures, under-counter lighting, and cove lighting.

Boca Lighting and Controls has a full line of LED fixtures for every retail application. Boca’s wide selection of indoor and outdoor lighting provides fixtures for signage installation, wall washing, cove lighting, interior display, edge-lit glass, task and workspace, and decorative applications of all sizes. Boca’s patented CleanDim® technology ensures even dimming from 0-100% in many of its designs, and most fixtures can be fabricated with a range of color temperature choices and RGB color mixing.

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