Highlight the Beautiful Features of Your Home with Linear LED Accent Lighting

When considering what type of lighting to apply in a residential setting there are two key factors: function and form. Residential lighting can, and should, create beautiful settings both inside and outside of the home. Residential accent lighting must also be functional to provide safety and needed visibility. Good lighting design allows you to see. Great lighting design enhances the interior design and architecture of a home, as well as improving its functionality and reflecting how the resident lives in their space.

The earlier in the design process that lighting is considered, the easier it is to complement the design and architecture. Planning for both natural and artificial lighting in a space allows the designer to create the ambience a home owner is looking for.

Because most rooms are used for multiple functions, experts agree that the best advice for applying interior residential lighting is to always install three layers of lighting in each room: ambient, accent and feature.

Ambient Lighting for Houses and Apartments

Ambient lighting is also referred to as general lighting and is typically used to allow for safe and easy movement within the space, as well as give an overview of the room layout. Ambient fixtures should illuminate an entire room, providing an independent, uniform level of light. Ambient lighting should be used in interior residential rooms as well as exterior gathering areas. Recessed down lights, cove lighting or pendant-hung fixtures are typical examples for ambient lighting.

Task Lighting for Reading, Cooking and Working

Task lighting is work space lighting and is typically a brighter, more focused light. It is used to illuminate specific spaces used for short term activities, such as reading, cooking, or computer work. Undercounter lights where meals are prepared, a reading lamp, or a make-up mirror are typical examples of Task Lighting.

Residential Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is highlight lighting and is typically focused light that is three times brighter than the rooms ambient light.  It is used to draw attention to a point of interest, such as a work of art or architectural element, or to create a special effect. Typical forms of accent lighting include recessed or surface mount adjustable fixtures or track lighting, wall grazing and wall washing.


These different forms of lighting at different levels within a room create layers of light. These layers of light create a cozy and interesting, yet fully functional, home. Also important to residential lighting application is the quality of light, the color temperature, central control systems to allow programing and switching for different scenes/ambience, and energy efficiency. Boca Lighting and Controls offers a full line of high-quality LED fixtures and controls that are well suited for residential applications. Boca fixtures are contractor friendly and can be fabricated with a range of color temperature choices, affording a multitude of distribution and effect options. Boca’s patented CleanDim© technology ensures even dimming from 0 to 100%.

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