Accent lighting creates mood and style in hotels, restaurants, and bars

The Oxford Dictionary defines hospitality as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. In the business world, hospitality is defined as providing food, drink, and accommodation for customers in public spaces such as casinos, restaurants, and bars or guests at hotels. Both definitions invoke positive mental images of gathering with others. The application of lighting design in hospitality spaces can enhance or detract from the guest’s opinion of the experience.

Use color changing, wall washing, and grazing for a memorable space

Lighting in the hospitality industry is key to making an excellent first impression, ensuring repeat business, and garnering desirable referrals. Guests are inspired by images, architectural accents, and artistry in design. The right light fixtures and design will accent, highlight and define these features. Cove lighting, for example, can focus light up or down and give dimension to architectural items. Wall grazing and wall washing can provide a visual interest to a translucent or textured wall. Color and temperature-changing luminaires can mimic daylight or create the desired mood.

Boca Lighting and Controls offers a full range of lighting products to maximize your hospitality space and help you create the ambiance you desire. Our interior lighting offers small profile housings making it easy to conceal and easy to install.  Boca Lighting fixtures are connectible, allowing for longer runs without interruption. Our wide range of lighting also allows for color tuning, and Boca’s CleanDim® technology ensures even dimming from 0 -100%.  Boca also offers mounting clips and controls to allow complete customization.


Let Boca’s energy-saving products help you establish a style and brand, increase your sales, and make your venue one that customers will not soon forget.

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