Infrastructure Lighting Turns Bridges, Walkways, and Tunnels Into Memorable Landmarks

The term infrastructure is often associated with bland, distant structures typically overlooked as they blend into the scenery. By association, infrastructure lighting has also historically been utilitarian by design. Creating a safe, secure environment seemed to be the limit of expectations for light fixtures on bridges, transit facilities, pedestrian walkways, and tunnels.

These practical but necessary considerations often result in missed opportunities to celebrate the design of bridges, tunnels, overpasses, and roadways. Advancement in lighting technology and a renewed interest in urban design have accelerated the use of light to promote structures visibly pleasingly. New or renovated infrastructure projects are often required to have a sense of style. The proper application of light can turn what was once unnoticed into a memorable landmark. Recent federal and local infrastructure initiatives will provide new opportunities to use accent lighting to create unique structures.

Light Fixtures for Infrastructure Projects

Considerations for selecting LED luminaires for transit structures are wide-ranging. Fixtures must be resistant to dust and water and rated for the vibrations that accompany transit structures. The design of the structure to be lit also dictates luminaire selection.

  • Do bridge girders, trusses, handrails, or pedestrian paths with steps exist in the project?
  • Does the opportunity to graze or wash elements exist?
  • Does the location of the project require vandal-resistant elements?
  • Will up-lighting or down-lighting be utilized?
  • Will color-changing LEDs be used to create the desired experience?
  • Will the light fixtures be submerged in water?
  • Does the project require DMX, DALI, wireless transmitters, or other advanced control features?

Typical Requirements for Bridge, Airport, Tunnel, and Walkway Luminaires

VIBRATION RATED – 3G vibration rating that conforms to standards set forth by ANSI C136.31

IP68 – Rated for Submersion of 1 Meter ​for up to 2 Hours

IP69K RATED – Withstands high-pressure and steam cleaning

B.U.G. RATING – Complies with required LZ ratings -Location/Intent Dependent

RESISTANT FINISHES – Finishes are used to meet AAMA 2604-98, ASTM B-117, ASTM D-1654, and ASTM D2247 requirements

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