Our Core Value

Respecting the philosophy of honesty, quality, safety, reliability and
sustainability with every customer and associate.

Ensuring the Highest Quality

Boca Lighting and Controls Engineers, Inventors and Developers are committed to ensuring the highest quality.

Our Boca Lighting and Controls Engineers, Inventors, and Developers are committed to quality securing every lighting system, technology, and manufactured solution meets the highest standards and achieve energy efficiency and meets LED regulatory compliance.

Quality Control

Our stringent quality control, state-of-the-art computer automated equipment, and on-site testing facility assure that every project is completed to meet and exceed the highest standards.

Leaders in the Industry

Respecting the philosophy of safety, quality, reliability and sustainability is how Boca has become a global leader in the LED Lighting Technology Industry.

The Name Boca Flasher is synonymous with an Unwavering Commitment to Innovation and Quality

As a 27-year pioneer in the lighting industry, Boca Flasher is a household name in LED technology. Our focus statements has always included a commitment to continuously developing product advances, particularly in performance and ease of integration for the fast-evolving lighting design industry, while delivering the highest quality lighting solutions. The name Boca Flasher is synonymous with our early advancements that paved the way for LED lamps that provided long-lasting benefits in the transportation industry. Boca Flasher has and will continue to maintain its commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality lighting/controls products, while maintaining our place as a leader in the lighting industry

The Difference

  • – A dedicated USA based LED manufacturing facility and complete resources
  • – Experienced and knowledgeable, management and associates in LED lighting solutions industry
  • – Our Engineers are in-house and hands on with production & manufacturing
  • – Custom lighting solutions, and technical drawings
  • – State-of-the-Art Computerized Automated Technology
  • – On Site Testing Facility allows for responsive & accurate advancement solutions
  • – Stringent Quality Control inspects all to assure highest criteria
  • – Customer Service & Project Managers work hand in hand to expedite projects accurately and timely
  • – Logistics Department provides collaborative efforts to safely, cost effectively & time-saving solutions for the delivery of all orders.
  • – Dedicated to achieving the highest standards in quality & energy compliance

Our Focus

  • – To continuously develop product advances, particularly in performance and ease of integration for the changing demands of lighting design.
  • – To achieve the highest quality lighting solutions
  • – Several of our products are the most cost-effective solution for specific applications
  • – Standing behind our products with a reputation for quality, as well as for upholding industry standards and performing due diligence in growing areas of compliance
  • – We are committed to reputable, reliable, service-oriented interaction
  • – To be a true partner with the capabilities and willingness to meet or exceed your specific requirements

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