Civic and Entertainment Lighting Design

Civic and entertainment lighting encompasses common spaces for public gatherings, such as lobbies in cinemas or theaters, entry spaces in civic arenas, museums, and lobby bars in event buildings. The application of lighting in civic and entertainment venues is key to making an excellent first impression, ensuring repeat business, and garnering desirable referrals. Therefore, decisions about how and what to illuminate should be central to any design and strategy.

Cove lighting, baffles, small-profile linear, and color-changing LED’s work together to deliver memorable spaces.

Great lighting application impacts all aspects of a customer experience. We are inspired by images, architectural accents, and artistry in design. The proper lighting will accent, highlight and define these features, inspiring feelings, moods, and drama. Cove lighting, for example, can focus light up or down and give dimension to architectural items. Baffle lighting is used to wash a wall with color or provide visual interest to a translucent or textured wall. Color-changing light can mimic daylight or create the desired mood.

Adequate interior lighting also plays a role in security, making your space safer and easier to maneuver. Well-lit spaces and obstacles, such as steps, create a safer space for your guests to work and relax.

The use of multiple light sources in your venue creates visual contrast and uses light to point your customers’ eyes where you want them to focus. The proper lighting application can be achieved by layering four different lighting types: ambient, accent, task, and decorative.

Use a combination of ambient and task lighting to create a beautiful and functional room.

Ambient lighting refers to the space’s main overall lighting and creates the overall atmosphere, while accent lighting highlights or draws attention to specific elements or areas. Task lighting applications are practical. Task lighting centers on areas of the space that demand more light, such as cashier and customer service areas. Decorative lighting is all about visual appeal and much less focused on illumination.

Exterior lighting is yet another way lighting plays an essential role in any civic or entertainment setting. Well-lit exteriors create an expectation about what’s inside, bringing customers in and keeping them engaged in your experience by promoting exploration. Exterior lighting also provides security and safety by deterring crime and improving visibility in areas of ingress and egress, ultimately protecting customers and employees from accidents and injury.

Boca Lighting and Controls offers a full range of lighting products to maximize your civic and entertainment space and help you create the ambiance you desire. Our interior lighting offers small-scale profile housing making it easy to conceal and install. Boca Lighting fixtures are connectible, allowing for longer light runs without interruption. Boca’s wide selection of outdoor lighting provides fixtures for signage installation, wall washing, cove lighting, interior display, edge-lit glass, task and workspace, and decorative applications of all sizes. Our wide range of lighting also allows for color tuning, and Boca’s CleanDim® technology ensures even dimming from 0 -100%. Boca also offers mounting clips and controls to allow complete customization.


Let Boca’s energy-saving products help you establish a style and brand, increase your sales, and make your venue one customers will not soon forget.

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