Light up your landscape and outdoor architectural features to create memorable spaces

Lighting is one of the most frequently overlooked elements in landscape design. Yet, outdoor lighting impacts a given space more than any other detail when done right.

Distinctive landscape design and exterior architectural elements give businesses and homes unique curb appeal. Unfortunately, these attractive features can be lost or hidden after dark, limiting both visibility and use of the outdoor space. Landscape lighting can reveal what the darkness hides, adding drama and making your outdoor space memorable, functional, and safe.

Each application is specific to your setting when choosing light fixtures and applications for outdoor design. There are no cookie-cutter templates. Indeed, outdoor lighting design is personal and uses a mixture of techniques and strategies.

Landscape lighting strategies and techniques

  • Begin by locating vital focal points or primary visual features that you wish to showcase – your building’s beautiful angular roofline, significant plantings, featured hardscape walls or façades, architectural elements, water features, or entrances to your location.
  • Supplement or enhance these key features using secondary lighting – walkways, pathways, or smaller plantings. These lighting applications will give dimension to your landscape.
  • Entryways, sidewalks, and paths that allow guests to move safely around your property should be well-lit, and this can be accomplished without detracting from the desired aesthetic.
  • Light up those places on your property where people gather – fire features, poolside, cafes. Lighting an outdoor space allows it to double your usable space, extending gatherings into the night.
  • Don’t forget to look for the shadows. They create cohesion and drama in your space.
  • Incorporate high-quality fixtures to avoid replacement or frequent maintenance.
  • Dream in color. LED light color combinations enable colorful lighting for holidays and dramatic architectural elements. Utilizing color-changing LED fixtures provides flexibility to present variable color schemes seamlessly.
  • High-tech controllers offer limitless zoning, dimming, and color capabilities.

Color-changing LED fixtures for outdoor and submersible applications

Boca Lighting and Controls offers a full range of exterior lighting products for landscape architecture. Highlight your key focal point or main visual elements with our high-intensity and dimmable solid color LED fixture. Also, consider one of our medium-profile six-channel color-changing LED strip fixtures to brighten a facade or wash the wall. Our fully submersible underwater polycarbonate tube accommodates a range of Boca fixtures for high-quality weather-resistant underwater use.

Boca’s line of exterior lighting offers seamless LED configuration easy installation, is dimmable, and is available with full color-changing capabilities.

Whether your landscape architecture lighting goal is to accentuate a key feature, make a dramatic statement or provide safety and security to guests, let Boca light up your project.

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