Shallow Profile Color Changing, Line Voltage LED Fixture

The Boca Lighting and Controls HPNLS-MIX is the newest addition to the popular HPNLS family of fixtures. Offering the flexibility of 4 channel DMX the Mix can be populated RGBW, RGBA, WWWW to give designers a wide range of options for any application where the need for color changing/tuning is beneficial. The HPNLS-MIX can be fabricated with a range of optics and color temperature choices, affording many distribution and effect options.


  • Facade Lighting
  • Large Cove Lighting
  • Wall Washing/Grazing
  • Building Highlighting


  • Compact
  • Full Color Flexibility
  • Variable Light Fixture
  • Uses Boca Nanorouter
  • Distribution Options



The CAD blocks are to be inserted into an existing AutoCAD floor plan. The blocks can be adjusted in length and end type. Using the two down arrows that appear when you left click on the block once inserted.

IES Files: Please contact sales@boca.lighting or call (561) 989-5338