Boca DMX/Dimmer Family: IP68 DMX512 Router/Smart Dimmer

  • The Boca Lighting and Controls NanoRouter-X provides a DMX interface to 4 independent DMX or analog fixture streams on the network.
  • Each ports can also support Reverse Phase dimming capability of Boca single color products.
  • Each port can be independently configured for Data Broadcast, Foot-by-Foot fixture control, Segmented and Advanced Segmentation options available.
  • Two input data bridge mode available A2W and W2A for DMX Routing.
  • Three input data protocol for dimming: DMX, Wireless DMX, and 0-10V.
  • Dual 0-10V source.
  • Configurable through USB Port using using Boca provided BFCU Software, Hyper-Terminal, and WIFI (pending).
  • Output ports compatible with: NanoMix, NanoTune, NanoDim, Trilight HV, HPNLS-Mix, HPNLS-TW, HPNLS-HO, HPNLS-LO, HPNFC, Lumeline, Nanolume, Nanolume-HD, NanoX.