Boca Wireless Family: Wireless 0-10V Converter

  • The Boca Lighting and Controls MonoLink W10V provides a 0-10V Wireless solution. Can be easily integrated with Boca products as well as with many OEM fixture manufactures lighting fixtures. Contact Sales Representative for more information.
  • Configurable for Wireless Tx and Rx.
  • 24db Effective Radiated Power (Tx).
  • Sensitivity of -90db (Rx).
  • Three input data protocol for dimming: DMX, Wireless DMX, and 0-10V.
  • Configurable through USB Port using BFCU Software and Hyper-Terminal.
  • Output ports compatible with: NanoRFO, NanoDim, MonoLink, SDS10V, HPNLS-TW, HPNLS-HO, HPNLS-LO, HPNFC, Lumeline, Nanolume, Nanolume-HD, NanoX.