Boca Flasher Announces Name Change to Boca Lighting and Controls

The new name represents a commitment to providing innovative, high-quality lighting and controls.

Deerfield Beach, FL (March 1, 2023)

After 27 years of business, Boca Flasher has changed its name to Boca Lighting and Controls, a subtle but significant change to a brand that has been a pioneer in the evolution of LED technology.

The word “flasher” was synonymous with our early technology advancements that paved the way for LED lamps to provide long-term benefits in the transportation industry. However, the word has outlived its descriptive significance.

“The change reflects our company’s current identity, vision, and values,” says Peter Park, President at Boca Lighting and Controls. “Our new name represents our commitment to providing our customers with innovative and high-quality lighting and controls products while maintaining our strong reputation as a technology leader within the lighting industry.

Boca Lighting and Controls endeavors to pair best-in-class luminaires with a growing product line of world-class controls to provide high performance and easy integration for the changing lighting design demands.
The name change will not affect existing business operations or relationships.


About Boca Lighting and Controls

Established in 1995, Boca Lighting and Controls is dedicated to developing product advances, particularly in performance and ease of integration for the changing lighting design demands. Boca stands behind its products with a reputation for quality, upholding industry standards, and performing due diligence in growing areas of compliance. All lighting and control products are proudly Made in the USA at our Florida facility, where we design, engineer, manufacture, and test all products.