Boca Flasher, a leading LED solution provider, is pleased to announce Peter Park’s promotion to President of Boca Flasher effective January 1, 2021.

Deerfield Beach, FL (January 31, 2021)

After 25 years of leadership, growth, and guidance Myung Park will be passing down his daily operations role to his son, Peter. Mr. Park will continue to have an active role within the business, with a renewed focus on his passion for innovation and product development. “My father has been in the electronics/manufacturing business for over 40 years, the last 25 of which specialized in LED technology. I hope to take the know-how that he has passed down in regards to design, procurement, vertical manufacturing, and quality control to lead Boca Flasher’s growth for the next 25 years,” said Peter Park.


While Peter’s daily operational role within Boca Flasher will change, his commitment to serving the longstanding relationships he has formed with his Agents and Specifiers will remain as-is. Gerry Trolio, Principal at Enterprise Lighting Sales in New York City, notes, “Peter has been involved in every aspect of the company. He has personally assisted me with troubleshooting installs on top of NYC buildings, and a noted art installation called the New York City Waterfalls project. He is always willing to assist and rightfully takes great pride in a company that he helped guide and grow throughout the years.”


Boca Flasher enters 2021 with great optimism. The combination of expert staff, innovative luminaires, and versatile control systems have positioned Boca Flasher as an industry leader within architectural lighting. An impressive portfolio of completed projects across a wide array of applications from high-end residential to hospitality to infrastructure showcase the diverse solutions of Boca Flasher. Park noted, “2020 is behind us; thankfully, our employees were able to stay safe and healthy. Our Quick Ship program is now in full effect. We are strengthening the connections with our agency sales partners, enhancing our production capabilities, and broadening our digital communication toolbox. So yes! We are very excited about our plans for 2021.”

About Boca Flasher

For over 25-Years, Boca Flasher, a leading LED solution provider, has dedicated itself to advancing the safety, quality, reliability, and sustainability of LED lighting technology. Together within our 45,000 square-foot facilities in Southeast Florida, our in-house team of Engineers, Inventors, and Developers are committed to meeting the highest design and manufacturing standards. Our broad selection of lighting and control products provides designers with the high-quality solutions necessary to turn their conceptual visions into experienced reality.